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Spécialiste du filetage depuis 1984.

40 années d'expérience à votre service

Votre partenaire

Nos techniciens sont à votre service pour répondre à vos besoin  sur nos différentes expertises.

  • Molettes de filetage
  • Rectification de filetages
  • Rectification cylindrique
  • Roulage de filetages

Ils nous font confiance

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We take pride in having met our customers’ highest quality standards for 30 years. How?
By making sure our people and our means of production are the best they can be:

Filetages Industries

Working Collaboratively

Our technicians have the range of skills and the can-do attitude to stay at the forefront of a marketplace that’s constantly evolving. Filetages Industries’ customers value our teams highly because we are very approachable, responsive to their needs, and have a policy of working collaboratively to drive forward research and development.