Our company

Who are we?

1984 Patrick Dupret founded Filetages Industries.
1989 Filetages Industries moved operations to a 360 m2 workshop in Bornel, a northern French town in the Oise region.
1992 In a world first, the company acquired a PR 150 Rectimat CNC thread grinding machine to add to its industrial plant.
1996 Filetages Industries invested in a computer-aided Mahr contourograph capable of measuring thread profiles to the nearest micron and to the second.
1997 The company was expanding and moved to new premises of 1,200 m2.
1998 The plant now numbered 30 machines.
2000 Further investment in inspection equipment, including another contourograph and a Mahr ‘perthometer’ for measuring the state of surfaces
2001 Acquisition of a new 4-axis CNC machine
2002 ISO 9001:2000 Certification delivered by Bureau Veritas
2003 Purchase of a Dynascope with x80 magnification and digital image processing
2011 Filetages Industries was bought by Christophe Chevalier and the Invotech Group.
2012 New investments: Mitutoyo contourograph, height gauge, installation of oil extraction and air filtration system throughout the workshops. 5S methodology applied in the workshops and offices.
2013 Purchase of a CNC mortising machine to enable complete in-house manufacture of dies. Purchase of a CNC internal and external thread grinding machine

Over 400 customers
Filetages Industries' plant consists of over 50 machines
The average age of employees is 35 years old.
ISO 9001:2008 Certification has been renewed



Breakdown of Business Areas



The leading players in aeronautics (including Safran Group, Lisi Aerospace, Alcoa and Zodiac) recognise and appreciate our expertise and technical know-how in the area of high-precision external and internal thread grinding.


Our comprehensive and extensive array of specialised machinery enables us to provide screws and fastening systems specifically for the military and naval industries.

Automative Industry

We have long-standing partnerships with a range of French and European manufacturers in the car industry and we safeguard their supply chain through the provision of cold-rolling equipment.


Leaders, we are. Our extensive plant list and in-house manufacturing of cold-rolling equipment enables us to provide all types of specialist threading that meets the standards of the nuclear industry.

We specialise in trapezoidal thread forms, fine adjustment screws, metric screws and British threads.

Mastery of Skills

We take pride in having met our customers' highest quality standards for 30 years. How?
By making sure our people and our means of production are the best they can be:
  • Qualified staff
  • Highly efficient tools and machines that complement each other in order to minimise lead times
  • Exceptional plant, optimised through a preventive maintenance programme

Working Collaboratively

Our technicians have the range of skills and the can-do attitude to stay at the forefront of a marketplace that's constantly evolving. Filetages Industries' customers value our teams highly because we are very approachable, responsive to their needs, and have a policy of working collaboratively to drive forward research and development. 

A True Partnership

Team up with our dynamic, high-performing company and become part of a powerful industry partnership. With our comprehensive understanding of the marketplace and keen understanding of your needs, we can:
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Satisfy your requirements with the right choices – lean, focused and profitable
  • Face the challenges of the future by your side