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Inspection Apparatus

Filetages Industries have :
  • Air-conditioned inspection hall
  • Instruments and machines for precision measuring
  • State-of-the-art investments in measuring technology :
  • 2 Mitutoyo CNC-enabled contourographs that measure dimensions to the micron or to the second: measuring reports, graphical presentations of recorded profiles, angles, shapes, threads (click here to see a typical measuring report)
  • Mahr CNC-enabled Perthometer that measures surface roughness of threads
  • Hardness tester
  • Dynascope with x80 magnification and digital image processing
  • Measuring benches
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Production Site

  • Workshop – 1,200 m2
  • Inspection – 90 m2
  • Storage and tools hall 90 m2
  • Meeting room
  • Office, Reception and relaxation lounge 

Production Apparatus



Quality Policy

Soaring to Success

Filetages Industries is a specialist in its field, boasting a highly skilled and committed team. Over the years, we have built ourselves an impressive reputation among high-tech companies worldwide for the quality of our products and services.
Filetages Industries has grown steadily since its inception and all the main industry players now put their trust in us.
Our many customers recognise that their partnership with us is a decisive factor in delivering optimal performance.

Quality is our Priority

Quality is the key driver for Filetages Industries and our highly qualified team constantly strives to exceed the benchmarks. 

Management Commitment

The management of Filetages Industries is committed to:
  • Customer focus – ensuring staff fully understand client requirements
  • Defining a Quality Policy, establishing objectives and implementing Action Plans to meet them
  • Carrying out regular reviews of the management system
  • Make available the necessary resources
  • Filetages Industries adopts a process approach to quality management,

Consisting of four categories of process:
  • Steering Processes: set out the company's guiding principles and the objectives to be achieved, enabling real-time adjustments where necessary
  • Improvement Processes: involving all activities that impact the momentum of continuous improvement
  • Production Processes: impacting directly on customer satisfaction, mainly comprising activities linked to the value stream
  • Supporting processes: these are not directly experienced by our clients, but are essential to delivering customer satisfaction